Frequently Asked Dolphin Questions

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What are Dolphins?

Dolphins belong to a group of mammals called cetaceans.  They are classed as aquatic mammals and are related to porpoises and whales. They share similarities to humans in that they have teeth, are warm blooded, have a heart that consist of four chambers and nurse their young with milk via mammary glands.  Dolphins require oxygen to live, they gain this by coming to the surface and taking in air through a blow hole above their head.  Dolphins are different to fish as they do not have gills; gills are what fish use to take oxygen out of the water and use for metabolic processes.

Where are Dolphins Found?

The dolphin is found throughout the World due to the vastness of oceans from the northern colder climate to waters in the southern more tropical climate. Species such as the bottlenose dolphin prefers warmer water.

How many different types of dolphins is there?

There are 33 species in the dolphin family.

What do dolphins eat?

Dolphins can be regarded as predators, in other words they chase their prey and either out swim them or use their tail as a weapon to stun smaller fish. Not all dolphins focus on fish depending on there location some will focus on squid.

How long do dolphins live?

Dolphins have been recorded to live for 25 years in captivity, however many believe in the wild this can be longer. This website does not condone any captivity of dolphins and hope that our visitors do not as well.

Are Dolphins endangered?

Not all dolphins are classed as endangered, species such as the bottlenose dolphin are common. Dolphins that are specific to locations such as river dolphins, are however endangered.  Due to human destruction of environment the river dolphin numbers are reducing each year. This is why dolphin charities are promoting “adopt a dolphin” to help save these beautiful animals.