Where to go for a dolphin swim.


dolphins4When your on your holidays, why not check to see if you can go for a dolphin swim.  Places such as Canary isles, Costa Rica, Florida, and the Maldives all provide excellent dolphin swimming facilities. If you do decide that you want to go on a dolphin swim, you will need to check that the dolphins are present at that time of the year. The boats that carry out these trips usually have websites so just type into Google “dolphin swim” and your holiday location and you will find all the information you need.

It must be understood that these dolphins are wild creatures and there is no guarantee that interaction with the visitors will occur, some days the dolphins just aren’t interested. On these trips you are likely also to see turtles, whales, and other marine life, don’t forget your camera!

The average price for swimming with dolphins will be around $100.  This depends a lot on the number of individuals participating and how long a trip you would like.

Going on a dolphin swim is a very natural and rewarding experience. For some people this will be a once in a lifetime chance so do not miss it.