Some short dolphin watching tips.


dolphins-378217_1920Dolphin Watching is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can ever see.  Dolphins are friendly animals and will play and ride alongside a boat, and also interact with scuba divers.

Dolphins are great animals to take pictures off, the pictures can be framed and placed in your home to remind you of your holiday. To see the dolphins, visitors are taken out on a boat with the latest comfort and safety equipment.


Prices for DolphinWatching are usually less than 20 euro’s for adults and children often go free.

The dolphins are usually observed from a wide distance to prevent frightening them, however they do come closer on their own accord which makes for some spectacular viewing.

A good dolphin boat will advertise what its success rate for finding dolphins are, as a rule of thumb if the boats percentage is higher than 90% then it is a good boat.

There is an abundance on wildlife you can see whilst on a dolphin trip such as birds, seals or turtles.